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We work with leaders like you to host magic events, build healthy orgs, and execute excellent strategies on issues of tech & society.
We offer:

Facilitation of events, community initiatives, and strategic planning processes. We help support and align teams and communities to do huge, complex things together.

Strategy advising for foundations and new initiatives. We help organizations develop smart strategies that account for their unique position in networks of change.

Curation and media production on AI topics. We produce media and content strategies to connect dots and activate networks.

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What our clients say

Whether providing expert perspectives on technology and justice or tackling complex organizational challenges, Alix is an exciting and inspiring partner to work with.

Madeliene Elish

Senior Research Scientist, Google

In my 30 years of work, I've never seen a more skilled and intuitive facilitator than Alix. An event is a huge investment of time, money, and attention. Hiring Alix was the single best decision we made in support of a great return on that investment.

Jen Pahlka

Founder at Code for America and former Deputy CTO of the US Government

Alix understands the psychology that motivates individuals, the bureaucracies that guide and weigh down institutions. These multiple perspectives make her a deft leader and collaborator whether one-on-one or working within an established institution.

David Sasaki

Program Officer, Hewlett Foundation

Remote Culture Club masterfully leverages knowledge, tools, self-reflections, and facilitated conversations to offer the perfect mix that gets you both to think critically and take immediate actions that can help your organization reach a fantastic remote work culture for everyone.

Ania Calderon

Managing Director, Data & Society

Alix did a fabulous job helping us navigate a complex topic with a highly collaborative and productive process.

Lila Ibrahim

Chief Operating Officer, Deepmind

Alix helps groups deepen their trust, hone their analysis and grow their confidence in having difficult but vital conversations to increase their impact in the world. I would trust any conversation in her care.

Tanya O’Carrol

Former head of Amnesty Tech